Proceedings of the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy – collection of scientific papers published from 1942, four issues a year

Founder: Mozhaisky Military Space Academy

Editor-in-Chief: Kuleshov Yuriy Vladimirovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Chief of the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy for Science and Academic Affairs

Mass Media Registration Certificate: ПИ №ФС77- 45867   dated July 20, 2011.

The edition is included into the list of the scientific editions subject to prepublication review in which the main results of candidate and doctoral theses are to be published starting from December  1, 2015.

The edition is included into the Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ).

Subscription Index – 31 667 in the Russian Post printed press catalog

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) – 2218-5429

Full texts of the papers can be found on the official site of the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy and on the site of the online research library ELIBRARY.RU:

The aim of our edition is to highlight the topical issues and current scientific and research achievements in the branch of study 20.00.00 “Military Sciences” and in the specialties: 20.01.00 and 20.02.00 in particular. The results of research and development efforts of scientists and researchers of higher educational institutions and research organizations of the country are published here. The edition is designed for post-graduates and doctoral candidates as well as for researchers, teachers and students of higher educational institutes.

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