Prepublication Review

The Procedure of the Prepublication Review of Submitted Articles

The articles sent by authors to the editors are subject to the obligatory prepublication review. Consideration is given to the articles that have not been published before and have not been submitted for examination to other publishers. The incoming articles are discussed at the next following meeting of the editorial board. The editorial board appoints a publisher’s reader who is an expert in the research topic of the article. The prepublication review is performed only by acknowledged authorities in the branch of study of the submitted article and by those who have publications on the appropriate subject during the last three years.

If the author is recommended to make corrections in his article, the latter is sent back to him for further investigation. In this case the incoming date of the article is accepted to be the date of coming back of the version revised by the author. The editors reserve the right to reject an article in case of the author’s incompetence or avoidance to meet the expert’s comments. If the comments are unfavorable, the author is supposed to get an electronic version of the referee report or the reasonable refusal. Text materials (articles or documents) are not sent back to authors.

The articles with favorable reports and approved by the editorial board are to be published during six months since the arrival at a decision to publish.

The editors send the text of the referee report to the author by e-mail. The original text of the report is stored in the editorial office for five years since the date of the article’s publication.

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